Katty & Keith // Isle of Skye Wedding Shoot Photographer

Katty & Keith // Isle of Skye Post-Wedding Shoot // September 2017

I am SO excited to finally share this shoot!

Katty & Keith got in touch looking for a photographer to meet them in Skye and take some post-wedding photos of them in their wedding attire and I could not have been more excited to say I was available and more than keen to get out there and adventure with them. They are such a sweet couple and I had the best time running around Skye with them just as the Autumn light was starting to sneak in for the year. 

Upon arrival in Skye, I was stunned by how beautiful the light was that evening and so, although our shoot was scheduled for the following day, I got in touch with Katty & Keith so see if they would be up for doing a sunset shoot out at Elgol and thankfully they were, so off we went! Followed by a visit to the Fairy Pools first thing in the AM the next day -just enough time to have missed fellow tourists and the pouring rain, Katty & Keith wore some more casual attire and after the pools we drove out to the Fairy Glen, which is even more magical in person that we could have imagined. They saved the 2nd dose of their gorgeous wedding outfits for what ended up being two visits to the Quiraing - the first of which was unsuccessful due to fog so thick we couldn’t see any of the view! I was spending another night on the island, so offered another early trip out for the next morning and it was absolutely worth it. 

Here are some images from our trip, and if you’re considering doing a shoot or eloping on the Isle of Skye I have one piece of advice - DO IT! (But also, if you’re going in the summer then get yourself some midgie repellant and if you’re going in autumn/winter then wrap up warm!)

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