A little bit about me...

Oh, hey there!

I'm Lianne, the silly-dancing, bagel-eating, cheesey-music-loving (un)cool Scottish lass behind the photos you've just been checking out! I'm a sucker for romantic stories, creative couples, a darn fun activity and pretty much any food involving rhubarb. Scottish bred & born, I have lived in Edinburgh my whole life and am a little bit of a home bird. I absolutely love living in Scotland and exploring the highlands as well as venturing to new cities & places. 

I took up photography in 2012 after graduating with a music degree and realising that there was something about photographing people that drew me in. That summer I photographed my first wedding and instantly knew that photographing loved-up couples and their nearest & dearest on super special days was what I wanted to do. 

Some other things I love are: cooking, plants, live music, comedy and theatre, reading, nice stationary, the Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh, Oliver Bonas candles, Scottish bands who sing in their home accents, the goosebump-inducing harmonies of The Staves and secret/surprise dates with my awesome other half, Matt (who is also in the wedding industry - check out the Sleekit Beasties if you're on the hunt for a fabulous band!).

Camera shy? ME TOO!

Imagine having "awkward human as soon as I have a camera pointed at me" in common with your photographer?! Don't be fooled by the photos of me I have here - 99% of the time I end up awkwardly giggling or looking down when someone tries to take a photo of me. It's a curse, I know. But the plus side of it is that I know how most of my couples feel about being photographed - so hopefully you can tell how much I enjoy helping couples to feel comfortable and have fun with me behind the camera and them front and centre. Keep reading to find out some more about my approach to shooting...

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